Thursday, June 18, 2015

Dogs and Cats living together. Well, at least on Facebook!

By: Steve Scaffidi, Account Executive, Leonard & Finco Public Relations

As I was scrolling through my Facebook timeline this week I noticed that many of the posts involve people's pets and their occasionally entertaining antics, at least in the eyes of my friends and family members. This made me ponder what actually goes into crafting a good post. Not just why dogs and cats are so popular, but what else makes a person reading or viewing a post want to engage, or better yet share it?

I suppose we all understand the universality of pet ownership and how most people relate to that, but what else "sells?" If you look at the most popular or shared Facebook posts of last year, it's a somewhat revealing list of what makes us tick, and how we are willing to invest our precious social media time.  Amazingly,  pets don't crack the top 50 until number 38, but numbers 39, 41, and 45 all involve dogs or cats, and if you really want to see a dog waiting for a treat, tucking in a baby, or teaching a baby to jump, Google the top 50 Facebook posts of 2014 and enjoy!

Here's a quick breakdown of the list:

  • Universal Picture's "Minions" make the top 5 twice, proving that everybody loves animated movie characters.  The trailer for the movie "Minions" also made the list at number 22.
  • Weird things couples fight about comes in at number 8, proving that we're nothing if we're not curious about what everybody else's relationship is like.
  • Speaking of movie trailers, they are also very popular. The trailers for Furious 7, Minions, Jurassic World, Cinderella and Fifty Shades of Grey all make the list.
What did I learn by searching and watching the 50 most popular posts of 2014? Well, humor is important. So if your goal is to engage as many people as possible with a Facebook post or a 140 character tweet, I don't think you can go wrong with a quick video link featuring your dog dressed up as a minion, or any movie character for that matter.
But if you really want to go viral, why not go all out and spend the budget on a really good video camera, and just film everything. At some point, something amazing or wonderful will happen, and your 15 minutes of fame will arrive. But wait, that's just reality TV isn't it?

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