Thursday, May 29, 2014

Is social media turning us into ego maniacs?

By: Cole Buergi, VP of Business Development, Leonard & Finco Public Relations
I’m dating myself a bit, but I remember the days when family photo albums were filled with photos of your family and friends. Fast forward to 2014 and photo albums have gone digital and the family photos have been replaced with the "selfie."
Selfie congratulations
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For those that aren’t the most tech savvy, selfies are when you take a photo of yourself, most commonly using a smart phone, and then uploading the photo to any number of social media sites including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or many others.

What I find intriguing is the growing number of people that are just taking photos with only themselves in it and posting it for their friends and family to see. In many cases, the selfies are poses of them doing mundane things such as sitting at the beach, relaxing in their backyard or, on rare occasion, posing in front of some historic monument or iconic symbol that identifies where they were at when they took the photo.

My interest is piqued because I often wonder to myself, “Are these people that self-centered?” Did these selfie picture posters truly go to the Grand Canyon or view the Golden Gate Bridge all by themselves? Of course, that takes me to another level of thought and that is, do these selfie fanatics not have any friends?

Yes, I’m sure many of them do but they’ve become so self-absorbed that it seems they forgot to include their friends in the photo.

I say this to those selfie crazed photo bugs. Look ahead to your twilight years. Imagine sitting around with your grandchildren or great-grandchildren and showing them the photos that encapsulate your life and showing them nothing but pictures of yourself. If you were easily bored with the photos from your parent’s photo albums, imagine what you grandchildren will think when it’s nothing but you in every photo.

What are your thoughts? Are we so worried about trying to be the focus of our world that we forget to include others in it? 
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