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Best Ways to Use Video

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By: Kristen Paquet, Sr. Account Executive, Leonard  & Finco Public Relations

Times they are a changin’ – and rather fast. In recent years, we have been told that social media is all about content, content, content. Creative content will get you noticed, spark conversations and have people coming back for more. And while the basic ‘content is king’ idea is still true, how we create and share what we have to say has continued to evolve.

According to a recent post on Social Media Today, experts say that videos are 53 times more likely to show up on the first page of search results. In other words, video can be an effective tool to drive people to your website, so if you aren’t on board, you better be soon.

Creating and posting videos are pretty easy these days with the popularity of Vine and Instagram or simply using the video capabilities on a mobile device. Just point, shoot and post, right? Uploading a video might be easy, but coming up with what the video should be about can be a challenge. Consider these ideas to help get you started:
  • Don’t make a commercial. Who likes commercials? Think about sharing a story or an experience. Make the video relevant to your business, not about selling a product.
  • Give advice or offer expert tips that people can use and will want to share with others.
  • Be interesting! The ‘face’ of your video should be someone who is upbeat and comfortable in front of a camera.
  • Have fun and be creative. Videos give you a bit more freedom to have some fun. If you have a good time making the video, people will have a good time watching it.
  • Keep it short. Think about your story and how long it will take to share it. Will a six second Vine video work or do you need a bit more time? Think about how long someone will be willing to commit to watching. I watch a lot of videos on my phone and if it’s too much longer than a minute, I pass it by unless the headline really intrigues me.

Video can be a fun way to reach and engage your audience. But before you start filming, be sure you have determined how video will be incorporated with the rest of your social media strategy and how you can measure its success.

How do you use video? Feel free to share some tips that have (and haven’t) worked!
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