Friday, October 18, 2013

The eyes have it!

What you should be doing right now with your social media

By: Susan Finco, President, Leonard & Finco Public Relations

OK…if you’ve spent any amount of time playing or working in the social media world, you’re probably sick of hearing “content is king.”  WE GET IT! But, we (as in every one of us now and then) don’t always do it. Good content. Original content. Thought-provoking content. That’s what makes a difference. And you should be adding more one thing to the mix: visuals. Good content needs more than just words, it needs visuals. Photos. Videos. Graphics. Whatever works and is relevant to the content (there’s that word again). I can hear English majors everywhere screaming, “But WAIT, if content is king and I write a good story/blog/release/whatever, that should paint a picture in and of itself. That should be more than good enough.”

But alas (can’t think of the last time I used that word), good headlines and good writing aren’t enough to be noticed any more on social media. (Kind of makes me want to cry, but I’ll get over it.) You need visuals. A variety of sources, including 3M, Zabisco, Marketing Sherpa, etc., have found that viewers spend more time on pages with visuals, and are more likely to purchase products, after watching a product video. We've become visual story tellers through Twitter, Instagram, Vine and others. It's now an expectation. So, if you're using social media for business, you need to start thinking and USING visuals to get your point across or, despite your great content, you may never reach your target audience.

What tips do you have for using visuals in your social media efforts?  What are your favorite examples of visuals in social media?
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