Friday, March 3, 2017

Are your videos shining on different social media platforms?

By: Scott Stein, VP of Client Services, Leonard & Finco Public Relations

We all seem to be attracted to shiny things. There have even been studies of why people gravitate toward shiny objects. In today’s social media world, one could argue that those shiny things take the form of photos and videos on the platforms that we follow. Without a visual element, we are much more likely to ignore the post.

As a PR firm, we certainly encourage the use of visuals on social media. But just like text should be posted on social media with a plan and a purpose, so should your visuals. As Alex York pointed out in a recent piece on, it’s important to have the right video for each social media platform.

Planning a video for Facebook? Be sure to include captions. Facebook users most often watch video without sound, particularly if they are out and about in public or even sitting at their work desk. Always be sure the text you use is readable by creating contrast from the background. Light background=dark text and vice versa.

Don’t ignore live video on Facebook. It’s a new, but powerful tool. Consider content, timing and promotion before going live.

Twitter has now jumped into live videos. Since a reported 90 percent of Twitter users view videos on their mobile devices, it’s crucial that any video content (whether live or not) be mobile friendly.

With Instagram, there’s a one minute limit on videos that you post to your feed. With Instagram Stories, you have the option of streaming live video or posting a 10-send clip; both will disappear from your story after 24 hours. Whether you’re posting to your feed or your story, you’ll have to keep your videos short and engaging.

There’s no arguing that visuals make a big difference in whether people will notice and respond to your social media posts. When it comes to video, just be sure your video fits the platform you’re using. 

Do you use video with your social media efforts? Do you tailor your video to the platform that it’s on?

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