Thursday, April 17, 2014

Think Before You Link!

By: Kristen Paquet, Sr. Account Executive, Leonard & Finco Public Relations

One of the most annoying things I come across every day as I scroll through email or online sources is clicking on a link that is either broken or takes me to the wrong information. It’s so frustrating! And what is even more frustrating is that fixing this issue is rather simple. Take these measures into consideration to ensure this doesn’t happen to you.

Be specific with your link.
Links should take people exactly where they need to go. If you want your audience to find more information about an event you are holding, link them to the specific page of your website where that information can be found. Just linking to your homepage where visitors have to search on their own won’t cut it.
Make sure it works. Yes, link shorteners are great. But they also provide an opportunity for mistakes to happen. After you create a link, send yourself a test email so you can check to make sure it works properly.
Be sure links come from reputable sources. It’s amazing how many people will share links to articles and information they have never read. Have you heard of the source before? Is the content relevant? Is it a source others would feel comfortable visiting?
Check your links often. If you link to other sources like news articles or videos, check the links often to make sure they still work. Keeping a daily eye on links takes five minutes and gives the overall impression that you are sharing current and relevant information.

By taking a few simple steps to up your game when it comes to providing links, you can be certain the information you are sharing is appropriate and professional.

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