Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Win at pitching - Stand out in crowded inboxes.

By: Angela Raleigh, Senior Account Executive, Leonard & Finco Public Relations 

No matter how hard you try or how often you email the media, if you don’t have a plan in place, you may not get the results you hope for.  Let’s face it; the media gets hundreds of email every day. So how do you make your story pitch stand out and not end up in the trash or get ignored?
  • Create catchy subject lines to get the media’s attention. Your subject line is basically a headline for your email and plays a key role in grabbing the reader’s attention. Create subject lines that will make the media want to open your email. 
  •  Be visual. Who doesn’t like photos? But sometimes writers don’t think to include them when submitting a news release. Be different and include photos or even videos to enhance your pitch. Just be careful that these additional materials aren’t too large or are poor quality. 
  •  Be brief and get to the point. Your pitch shouldn’t be a brain dump of loads of information. The media doesn’t have time for fluff. Your pitch should explain the “so what” of your idea and provide only the necessary information to get your idea across. Keep it clear and concise. 
  •  Use bullet points to highlight key information. Bullet points make it easy for the media to pick out the important pieces of information in your pitch. Plus, it’s much simpler to read. 
  •  Make sure you do your research. Know what the media outlet or reporter covers or has written about. It will help you personalize your pitch and build a relationship that will help make it easier for you to get your stories published in the future.

Despite email overload, there are ways to make your pitches stand out. What do you do to stand out from the hundreds of emails crowding a reporter’s inbox?

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