Friday, March 15, 2013

What's next

By: Cole Buergi, VP of Business Development, Leonard & Finco Public Relations

Staying on the cutting edge of technology can be difficult and downright expensive with all the new gadgets and social media tools we are bombarded with continuously. The seemingly never ending launch of “new and smarter” smart phones or the latest and greatest social media sites are enough to make you say, “Enough is enough.”

First it was the iPhone. Then came its rivals so Apple created newer and faster iPhone versions. The rivals quickly caught up and, depending on who you talk to, surpassed Apple. The same is true for social media. First it was MySpace that users were truly introduced to the mass appeal of social media. Then Facebook became popular by offering users more security and privacy. People flocked to Facebook with users now exceeding one billion. The newest social media tools gaining serious traction, particularly among teens and pre-teens is Instagram and Snapshot.

All of this happened in just a few short years. Of course there are many more examples and these are just a few that most everyone is familiar with.

That’s what’s causing many individuals and business owners to question what’s next, what’s it going cost and how do I know when to stop?

There is no clear cut answer for these questions. Technology and social tools are going to continue to evolve and become more and more a part of our daily lives. That’s a given. What’s important is to understand your needs, either personal or business, and then choosing the appropriate technologies to meet those needs.

For some, the newest phone or other handheld gadget is the best fit. Others may be content with what they currently use.

For businesses, it’s important to understand how technology and social media can help you reach and interact with the audiences you want as your clients or consumers. It may not be necessary for you to purchase the latest technology when what you’re currently using would do just fine. What is important is not getting flustered to the point of doing nothing. The best approach is to have a baseline understanding of what the available technology and social media tools are and then determine whether they make sense for your situation.

Have you ever fallen into this technology conundrum? If yes, how did you best determine what was the right move?

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Anonymous said...

It's pretty simple. Figure out what YOU want, then strive to get it. That's what works for me. Sure some people like to always have the newest, "best" product on the market, and are always willing to upgrade to maintain that status. But most of us can't afford to keep up with that. And honestly, most of don't need to.

A few months back I got the (supposed) best Smart phone on the market. It no doubt does a million things - most of which I'm unaware of. But the things I am aware of are pretty cool. And most importantly, it suits my needs. If I have a question about something on it, it's only a Google search away.

Technology is something.