Thursday, April 28, 2011

Can You Silence Social Media?

By: Kristin Rabas, Account Executive, Leonard & Finco Public Relations, Inc.

A good portion of the world has had all eyes on Prince William and his soon-to-be-wife Kate Middleton since their engagement last year. While the wedding is sure to be filled with tradition and history, so will the way the world has to view it. According to the article “Sorry, Social Media Addicts: Tweeting Ban In Effect For The Royal Wedding” released by TIME on April 27, Westminster Abbey will be a “tweet-free zone” during Friday’s ceremony.

According to TIME, it has been arranged that signal-blocking technology will be used to prevent guests of the wedding from tweeting during the ceremony. Personally, I am bummed out! Since I am typically not around a television during the day, I was looking forward to the comments, photos and who knows what else that would be popping up on Twitter during and after the ceremony.

Besides my personal disappointment, I think this “signal-blocking” technology brings up a larger issue. During the riots in Egypt, the earthquake in Japan and many other major events that have taken place throughout the world in the last couple of years, social media has played a huge role in communicating to news sources, family members and more.

With the use of this technology at the Royal Wedding, do you think this could lead to other organizations or even possibly world leaders using the same technology to block instantaneous information from getting out about rebellions, strikes, protests, etc.?

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