Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What Makes a Social Media Promotion Work?

By Beth Kneisler, Account Executive, Leonard & Finco Public Relations, Inc.
“Is social media applicable for my industry?”
“Is it worth the time and effort?”
“How can I tell if what I’m doing is paying off?”

While most businesses have jumped on the “social media train,” we still hear questions like these frequently from clients and non-clients here at L&F. But it’s to be expected. Take a look at any business’ social media strategy and I’m willing to bet, no two are identical. Your business goals and what you want to achieve through social media will determine which social media vehicle to use or which ones to avoid.

Since there’s no “one-size-fits-all” option when it comes to social media, how do you decide where to start and how to be successful at what you’re doing? I recently came across one business that is doing a remarkable job with social media; Fox World Travel.

Fox World Travel recently began a promotion asking people to enter to win a three night trip to the Riviera Maya. The promotion is highlighted on the Fox World Travel website and it’s cross-promoted on Facebook, FLICKR, YouTube, Twitter and its blog. Participants can also enter in the numbers that appear next to Fox World Travel’s “Foxxy Little Traveler” for additional entries.

Fox World Travel is doing everything right when it comes to having a successful social media campaign. The promotion is:
  • Engaging – Site viewers are engaged by having something to participate in. Interest continues to build because participants can increase their chances of winning by entering in codes that they find on Fox World Travel’s Facebook page, blog, FLICKR and YouTube.
  • Cross-promoted – The contest is not only being promoted on the Fox World Travel website, but there are also links to Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, FLICKR and its blog. Then, people can link back to the website through the other social media. More people are also driven to the other social media pages through the “Foxxy Little Traveler” contest.
  • Exclusive – People who are engaged in social media love exclusivity, so whenever they get a deal or better offer than those not on social media, they love it! In this particular promotion, Fox World Travel gives their social media fans extra chances to enter for the trip.
  • Able to be tracked – A big part in any social media campaign is to be able to track the success rate. To have a chance to win Fox World Travel’s vacation, you have to fill out a short entry form. The number of people who have entered can easily be tracked, as can the number of participants who enter in extra chances to win through the photo contest.
I don’t know about you, but this promotion has won my vote! I’m going to enter for a chance to win a trip to Mexico!

How do your social media promotions look? Do they have these characteristics? Have you seen other examples of great social media campaigns lately?

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kr said...

Personally I love social media promotions. I'll always willing to enter my email address, like a Facebook page or follow a business on Twitter if it means I may win something and I think the same goes for many others. It seems like a great way to build email lists and link with potential and current customers.