Wednesday, September 30, 2009

iPhone's Niche Apps Appeal to the Masses

By: Cole Buergi, Sr. Account Executive, Leonard & Finco Public Relations

What’s next? I recently purchased the iPhone and even I’ve been blown away by what it all can do. I expected to have some great technology applications which is why I bought it but, wow, the variety of applications is endless.

There are serious applications for work, some fun games just to kill time and a host of apps for just about every interest. Heck, there’s even a compass for those challenged by direction. And, if the compass doesn’t help, simply go to MapQuest.

The newest iPhone feature highlighted in today’s USA Today is its app that works with Zipcar is a Cambridge, Massachusetts based car-sharing service. The new app lets you locate and reserve one of its vehicles, unlock it using the iPhone's touch-screen and drive away. This is incredible and what a new, handy way to obtain a rental. If you want to read more about this amazing technology, here’s the link to the full story:

I’m bragging up the new phone because it’s truly a case of Apple tailoring its services to meet its customer’s needs, even if those needs are relatively niche. The iPhone and its apps are the perfect example of target marketing. Instead of developing apps that appeal to the masses, Apple develops apps that appeal to smaller, more select niche groups. Of course, you still have the basics such as web browsing, etc. , but it’s the niche apps that really make this phone so exceptional and, ironically, attractive to the masses.

Businesses should take a page out from Apple’s marketing strategy and work to identify and meet the needs of its clients. Targeted marketing may prove to have mass appeal.

If you’re using a cool application for work or fun, share it with us. Our readers might find it useful.


Jason Ring said...

I love my Kindle App for my Ipod Touch. It is just like the $300 Kindle but smaller. It lets me take books anywhere, and if I am traveling, it is easy to download reading materials and help pass the time.

Cole Buergi said...

I have to check out that app. I just ready where you can now buy a device for almost any car that you can install and it lets you use your iPhone to unlock and start your vehicle. The price for the device was around $500. I'll be checking into that.